We welcome those interested in volunteering with YVC outside of being a regular Corps member.   From current members looking to extend their role, to adults and college students who want to lead projects, here are some ways you can help.

  • Team Leaders

    Team Leaders help supervise and make sure the project goes as planned. From taking attendance to helping out with reflections and clean up, team leaders are always needed. Team Leaders may be community volunteers, college students, or adult volunteers.  Training is required.

  • Skill based and Administrative Volunteers

    As we work to build and sustain our program many one-time and ongoing volunteer opportunities are available.  From helping with office administration to promoting our work in the community here are some ways you can help.

Leadership Team 2

Print and hang posters
Hand out brochures
Give presentations
Help track volunteer hours
Post upcoming opportunities online
Print and mail schedules

For more information regarding volunteering for YVC or to request a volunteer application and/or official position description please contact us.